50 Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure Ideas

Crafting the perfect bearded dragon enclosure goes beyond just a tank and some decorations. From simple setups to bioactive designs, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we put together 50 creative bearded dragon enclosure ideas to help owners give their beloved pets a cozy and healthy home.

1. Simple Setup

Creating the perfect home for your bearded dragon doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

A simple enclosure with minimal décor and a solid substrate like paper towels is easier to clean and maintain. This creates a healthier environment for your bearded dragon and less hassle for you.

Simple doesn’t mean boring. You can add personality to your setup later with colorful toys, plants, and various decorations.

2. Bioactive Setup

A bioactive setup mimics a bearded dragon’s natural environment with live plants, loose substrates, isopods, and springtails. It is a fantastic way to create a more natural and self-sustaining environment for your dragon.

3. Desert Enclosure

Create a calming desert scene with sand substrate, bleached driftwood, and desert plants like aloe or jade. Add a water dish that looks like a small desert pond.

4. Rocky Enclosure

A rocky enclosure can provide a natural and stimulating environment for your bearded dragon, mimicking their desert habitat.

Rocks of various sizes and shapes can offer climbing and hiding opportunities, which reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

5. Shelf Liner

Shelf liner is a budget-friendly substrate option that provides safety and hygiene.

Make sure you use the non-adhesive shelf liner. The heat from the basking lamp can melt the adhesive and release harmful fumes, or the bearded dragon could ingest the adhesive itself.

6. Tile

Tile is a safe, hygienic, and long-lasting substrate option. Avoid using stone tiles like granite or marble, as they can be smooth and get hot.

7. Paper Towel

Paper towels are a great choice for bearded dragon owners who prioritize ease of cleaning and hygiene. They are readily available, inexpensive, and easy to clean.

8. The DIY Background

Instead of a plain background, use a 3D background with a desert or jungle scene to enhance the theme.

9. Hammock

Hammocks can be a fun addition to your bearded dragon enclosure. A well-positioned hammock can be used as a basking spot, allowing your bearded dragon to get closer to the heat lamp.

10. Loose and Solid Substrates

A combination of substrates can offer a more diverse environment for your bearded dragon to explore. Bioactive topsoil can provide a digging area for those who enjoy burrowing, while easy-to-maintain solid substrates like tile offer a clean area for basking and walking.

11. Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs can be a great addition to your bearded dragon setup. Avoid fabric or mesh, as they can snag claws or cause injuries.

12. Adorable Couch

Do you want your bearded dragon tank to be as cozy as home? Add an adorable couch like this. 

13. Bigger is Better

While a 4’x2’x2’ tank is the minimum requirement for an adult bearded dragon, providing your pet with a larger enclosure whenever possible is highly recommended.

Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal lizards, meaning they spend time climbing and exploring both on the ground and on branches. A larger tank allows them to move around more freely, exercise their muscles, and engage in natural behaviors.

14. Cool Wallpaper

A cool wallpaper can add a nice aesthetic touch to your bearded dragon’s tank. Desert landscapes, rainforests, and rocky wallpapers are classic choices.

If using adhesive wallpaper, make sure it’s reptile-safe and applied on the outside of the enclosure, not directly touching the substrate.

15. Tiki Hut Paradise

Ensure all décor items are secure and cannot collapse on your bearded dragon. Avoid sharp objects.

16. The DIY Cabinet Terrarium

Repurposing a cabinet into a bearded dragon terrarium is a cost-effective way to create a spacious and personalized habitat for your dragon.

Avoid particleboard or treated wood, as these can release harmful chemicals.

Seal gaps or holes with reptile-safe sealant to prevent escape.

17. Wooden Terrarium

Wooden terrariums offer a natural aesthetic and potential for customization. They can be quite sturdy and long-lasting if built and maintained properly.

Note that wood can absorb moisture, which can lead to mold growth. Proper ventilation and choosing moisture-resistant wood like sealed plywood can help.

Regular cleaning and monitoring for moisture buildup are important.

18. Fake Plants

Fake plants can add some greenery to your terrarium, create a cozy home for your bearded dragons, and give them the feeling of nature.

19. The Bridge

The bridge can be a fun way to add enrichment and climbing opportunities. It can be placed near the heat lamp to create an elevated basking area.

A well-designed bridge can add visual appeal to your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

20. Driftwood

Driftwood pieces of various sizes and shapes add a naturalistic look, offer excellent climbing opportunities, and provide hiding spots for your bearded dragon.

Avoid driftwood collected from unknown sources, as it might contain harmful chemicals or parasites.

21. Logs

Logs offer a natural look, climbing opportunities, basking, and hiding spots.

Ensure the logs are securely positioned within the enclosure to prevent tipping or wobbling, which could injure your bearded dragon.

22. Leaf Litter

Leaf litter in the bioactive setup can provide beneficial hiding spots for the cleanup crew and contribute to a more naturalistic environment.

23. Rocky Staircase

A well-designed rocky staircase adds a visually stimulating element to the enclosure, mimicking their natural rocky habitat.

24. Jungle Retreat

Provide a lush green environment with a deep layer of eco-earth substrate, climbing vines, and live plants (ensure they are safe for bearded dragons).

25. Climbing Structures

Build a multi-level climbing structure with ledges and ramps using cork bark, rocks, and safe woods.

26. Rock Hides

Utilize large, flat rocks to create multi-level basking areas and cool hiding spots.

27. Halloween Tank

While Halloween is fun for us, it’s important to prioritize your bearded dragon’s well-being. Keep the décor enrichment-focused and avoid anything that might be stressful or harmful.