45 Snakes In Georgia



1. Copperhead

This venomous snake is endemic to the US. It’s a snake of the Agkistrodon subspecies of the Viperidae family

2. Pigmy Rattlesnake

This venomous snake is part of the pit vipers group of Crotalinae in the Viperidae species. It’s an endemic US snake.

3. Timber Rattlesnake

This snake is known for its unique habitat as it prefers to live and hunt hidden under fallen logs.

4. Cottonmouth

The Cottonmouth is one of the dangerously venomous snakes in Georgia.

5. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is considered the most dangerous venomous snake in the country.

6. Eastern Coral Snake

It can be one of the most dangerous snakes to be wary about given it has up to 20% mortality with every bite.

7. Banded Water Snake

It has black, yellow, and white coloration growing to a size of just over 41 inches in adulthood.

8. Black Racer

It prefers tall grass fields where it can roam around looking for prey occasionally raising its head above the grass while hunting.

9. Black Swamp Snake

This swamp snake is recognized by its dark gray color with a red-orange underbelly. 

10. Brown Snake

It’s found across the Eastern part of the US, Canada, and parts of Central America.

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