45 Common Snakes in Texas


1. Western Ratsnake

This is the most common snake species in Texas. It is nonvenomous and able to climb trees

2. Western Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake

This species is aggressive and venomous

3. Western Ribbon Snake

While shorter than other species, this snake has specific preying techniques

4. Plain-Bellied Watersnake

This species is known for living next to water sources

5. Rough Earthsnake

The snake is known for its slim short figure. It reaches up to 10 inches in adulthood

6. Diamondback Watersnake

This species is known for its rough body due to its keeled scales

7. Dekay’s Brownsnake

Known for its small to medium body size, this type of snake has a diet based on slugs and snails

8. Northern Cottonmouth

The snake is one of the most dangerous species of snake in Texas

9. Coachwhip

These snakes represent one of the fastest snakes in Texas

10. Checkered Garter Snake

This species is known to live in grasslands around the state

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