30 Types Of Black Beetles

White Scribbled Underline

These black beetles (Odontotaenius disjunctus) are known to grow to more than 1 inch in adulthood. They are identified by their shiny black body with black legs.

Horned Passalus Beetle

This black beetle is one of the few bugs that produce light naturally. As a type of firefly, the Common Eastern Firefly is known for having a black ventral side.

Common Eastern Firefly

These black beetles (Alaus oculatus) are known for their unique large eyes and white marks across their dorsal.

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle

The Oriental Beetle (Exomala orientalis) is known for being partially black. This invasive species of beetle has been introduced to North America from Asia.

Oriental Beetle

The Winter Firefly (Ellychnia corrusca) is a unique species of firefly. Insects of the genus are often seen as bugs but they aren’t bugs.

Winter Firefly

The American Carrion Beetle (Necrophila americana) is one of the large black insects with a white head. This beetle is known for living in raw decaying meat.

American Carrion Beetle

The White-spotted Sawyer Beetle (Monochamus scutellatus) is one of the largest black beetles in the world.

White-Spotted Sawyer Beetle

The Punctured Tiger Beetle (Cicindela punctulata) is common in the US. This species is known for having a black body.

Punctured Tiger Beetle

This type of beetle (Scarites subterraneus) is found in the Caribbean. Known for its black body, the beetle has a distinguishable size and a large head.

Big-Headed Ground Beetle

The Black Firefly (Lucidota atra) is a species of firefly with a pronounced pronotum. This shoulder area is typically the only colored part on the body of the Black Firefly.

Black Firefly