1. California Gall Wasp

The California gall wasp (Andricus Quercuscalifornicus) is a small wasp that causes oak apple galls on white oak trees.

2. Western Yellowjacket

Western Yellowjackets (Vespula Pensylvanica) are one of the worst insects to encounter and are famous for their painful stings.

3. European Paper Wasp

European Paper Wasp (Polistes dominula) is a very common wasp in California and is a social wasp with a diverse diet.

4. Yellow-Legged Mud-Dauber Wasp

The yellow-legged mud dauber wasp (Sceliphron caementarium) is found in a variety of habitats from homes to water edges to longleaf pines.

5. Red Cone Gall Wasp

Red cone gall wasps (Andricus Kingi) create cone-shaped galls on the upper and lower leaf surfaces of white oaks.

6. Guinea Paper Wasp

Guinea paper wasps (Polistes Exclamans) are social wasps and are common in California.

7. Spined Turban Gall Wasp

The spined turban gall wasp (Cynips Douglasii) creates uniquely shaped galls on oak trees, especially Valley Oaks.

8. Live Oak Apple Gall Wasp

The live oak apple gall wasp (Amphibolips Quercuspomiformis) creates galls on oak trees, which vary based on the time of year.

9. Golden Paper Wasp

The golden paper wasp (Polistes Aurifer) has different color patterns based on its location.

10. Beaked Twig Gall Wasp

The beaked twig gall wasp (Burnettweldia Plumbella) makes galls in the late spring and summer on a variety of oaks.