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28 Snakes In Colorado



Scientific name: Thamnophis cyrtopsis Common name: blackneck garter snake Length: around 71 cm Venomous: No

1. Blackneck Garter Snake

Scientific name: Leptotyphlops dulcis  Common name: Texas blind snake, Texas threadsnake Length: around 11 in (27 cm) Venomous: No

2. Texas Blind Snake

Scientific name: Pituophis catenifer sayi Common name: Bullsnake Length: 4 – 6 ft (1.2 – 1.8 m) Venomous: No

3. Bullsnake

Scientific name: Lampropeltis gentilis Common name: Western milksnake Length: 24 in (60 cm) Venomous: No

4. Western Milksnake

Scientific name: Masticophis flagellum Common name: coachwhip, whip snake Length: up to 8 feet (244cm) Venomous: No

5. Coachwhip

Scientific name: Thamnophis sirtalis Common name: Common garter snake Length: 4 feet (120 cm) Venomous: No

6. Common Garter Snake

Scientific name: Lampropeltis holbrooki Common name: speckled kingsnake Length: 48 in (120 cm) (maximum recorded length is 72 inches) Venomous: No

7. Speckled Kingsnake

Scientific name: Arizona elegans Common name: glossy snake, faded snake Length: 30 – 50 in (75 – 130 cm) (maximum recorded length is 56 in) Venomous: No

8. Glossy Snake

Scientific name: Pituophis catenifer deserticola Common name: Great Basin gopher snake, bull snake Length: around 5.75 feet (175 cm) Venomous: No

9. Great Basin Gopher Snake

Scientific name: Pantherophis emoryi Common name: Great Plains rat snake, brown rat snake,... Length: up to 5 feet Venomous: No

10. Great Plains  Rat Snake

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