1. Northern Copperhead

The Northern Copperhead is one of the venomous snakes you may encounter in the northern regions of New Jersey.

2. Timber Rattlesnake

The Timber Rattlesnake can grow to 60 inches (152cm) in length and can weigh up to 1,500 grams.

3. Eastern Worm Snake

Eastern Worm Snakes can grow to 13 inches (34cm) with smooth and glossy scales. Their color can vary from tan to dark brown.

4. Northern Scarlet Snake

The Northern Scarlet Snake belongs to the Colubridae family and can grow to 20 inches.

5. Northern Black Racer

Black Racers can grow to 60 inches (152cm) and can weigh up to 556 grams. Most are solid in color with a light belly in tan or yellow.

6. Southern Ringneck Snake

Southern Ringneck Snakes are small and slender snakes that are gray with a yellow or orange broken band around their necks and on their belly.

7. Northern Ringneck Snake

Northern Ringneck Snakes are blue-gray to black in color with a narrow yellow to orange ring around their necks.

8. Corn Snake

Corn Snakes are large snakes that can grow to 5.97 feet (182cm) and have bright colors, rounded pupils, and are slender in build.

9. Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snakes are large snakes growing to 7 feet in length with shiny black scales on their backs and a lighter colored belly.

10. Eastern Hognose Snake

The Eastern Hognose can grow to 28 inches (71cm) in total length with females being larger than males.