Clover mites are a common species of red small bugs commonly found in the house or outdoors.

1. Clover Mites

Bed bugs are some of the most problematic bug species when it comes to poor sanitation in the home.

2. Bed Bugs

Stored grain products attract Red Flour beetles. These small bugs typically measured 4-5mm when spotted in the pantry.

3. Red Flour Beetles

Deer ticks are small red bugs that bite. These ticks prefer larger mammals such as deer and even humans to small mammals for a larger blood meal.

4. Red Deer Ticks

Growing to a size of around 0.5mm, Red spider mites are some of the smallest red bugs that can bite humans.

5. Red Spider Mites

Boxelder nymphs typically do not bite. These small red and black bugs only bite when roughly handled.

6. Boxelder Nymphs

Red ants such as Red fire ants are some of the most problematic tiny ants that can bite. These ants have a red or dark red or red-brown color.

7. Red Ants

Red spiders are common in homes as well as around man-made structures such as barns and garages.

8. Spiders

9. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can sometimes be red. Fruit flies can sometimes be known as Red house flies due to their large red eyes which make it appear as if their entire heads are red.

Centipedes are some of the most common small red species seen in or around the house.

10. Centipedes

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