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Best Anole Cage

If you have decided to become the proud owner of an anole, then you are going to want to provide your new lizard with the best anole cage, ensuring that its needs are met to keep it happy and healthy.

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terrarium for crested gecko

Best Terrarium For Crested Gecko

The crested gecko is a very popular pet reptile. It’s important that you select the right enclosure size and set it up as naturally as possible to ensure your crested gecko thrives in the long run.

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Fun And Interesting African Fat-Tailed Gecko Facts

Whether you are new to African fat-tailed gecko or not, these African fat tailed gecko facts will give you new reasons to love your pet.

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african fat tail gecko habitat

African Fat-Tailed Gecko Habitat – Choose The Best Cage For Your Gecko

New to the African fat-tailed gecko habitat? Learn how to provide the perfect habitat for your gecko. What is the best tank size? How to setup?

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African Fat-Tailed Gecko Setup

African fat tail gecko setup is easier than you may think. Remember that your gecko will require up to twelve hours of light per day. Being nocturnal reptiles, there is no need for a UVB light. Under tank heat mats are the preferred heating choice for these reptiles.

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Green Anole vs Brown Anole

Anoles are lizards often found in forests and gardens in the United States. They are also sold in pet shops to be kept as pets. The green and brown alone are native to the United States and are very similar, even though they vary in coloration. This article will compare green anole vs brown anole in all aspects.

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Leopard Gecko Temperature – Best Heating Pad For Leopard Gecko

Most of the leopard gecko heat pads on the market today are designed to fit easily under the tank, providing heat from the bottom. These comes in a variety of sizes and from a range of top brand names. These are an economical solution to consider when looking to heat your leopard gecko enclosure.

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bearded dragon checklist

What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon?

By duplicating their natural habitat, you can have a healthier and happier bearded dragon. Remember that a dragon can live up to ten years, so ensuring you have everything to get your tank setup before you bring your beardie home will ensure the best end results.

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leoopard gecko enclosure

Best Leopard Gecko Enclosure

The ideal leopard gecko enclosure is a complicated design, it’s so much more than substrate, some rocks and a heating system. This guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best cage for your leopard gecko, ensuring the ideal habitat which will enable your gecko to thrive and grow in the long run.

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Leopard gecko hides

Best Leopard Gecko Hides

Leopard gecko hides are places where your gecko can feel safe and comfortable, refuges where they can rest, sleep and hide from other pets and people. to find out about leopard gecko hides and the best options on the market right now.

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