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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Fungus Gnats in Crested Gecko Tanks

It’s not uncommon as a crested gecko owner to have to deal with fruit flies or fungus gnats at some point. They may be in your gecko tank or have already spilled out into the home. Learn some effective ways to get rid of them.

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Leopard Gecko Tile Substrate

Tile is the best substrate for leopard gecko habitat. Learn how to choose the best tile and how to set up in a tank with a heat mat.

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How To Use Shelf Liner In A Leopard Gecko Tank

What are the pros and cons of shelf liner substrate in leopard gecko enclosures? How to use it with a heat mat. How to get rid of its smell.

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Chinese Water Dragon Sick Symptoms and Common Illness

How to tell if a Chinese water dragon is sick? Also learn common illness in Chinese water dragons before it’s too late.

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leopard gecko enrichment

Leopard Gecko Enrichment

Enrichment includes environment, diet, and activity. Learn amazing enrichment ideas for your leopard gecko.

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Zilla Desert Starter Kit Review

The Zilla desert starter kit comes with 2 sizes: 10 and 20 gallons. Is it a good reptile starter kit? ? Let’s find out in this review.

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How to Increase Humidity in a Leopard Gecko Tank

If you live in a very low humidity area, then you may find yourself struggling to keep the humidity levels in your leopard gecko tank at optimum. Low humidity can be a serious health issue for your gecko. Learn simple ways to increase humidity in a leopard gecko tank.

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Pacman Frog Handling

Pacman frogs are not for handling. Learn why you should not handle a Pacman frog and how to handle it properly (when you have to).

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Pacman Frog Impaction

What is Pacman frog impaction? What are the impaction signs in a Pacman frog? How to treat and prevent it? LEARN HERE.

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Chinese Water Dragon Mouth Rot

What is Chinese water dragon mouth rot? What are the symptoms? How to treat mouth rot for a Chinese water dragon? More here.

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